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Responsive Design

The content moves freely across all screen resolutions

Responsive Web Design is the need of the hour. It is not a fashion trend but it is one of the essential needs of any business. Digital content is destined to be viewed on a wide base of modern devices. Therefore, Responsive Web Design digs out the way to the forward digital world. It is a perfect solution for devices that switch from portrait to landscape formats frequently or if the user switches from a large screen- computer screen to I phone or I pad screens.

Flexible images are used and are being fitted in relative units so that they do not display outside their containing elements. We at Webile Technologies, create web pages that are easily able to be navigated any type of device with any size of screen which is the first step towards development of responsive web development. While designing responsive websites, we focus on readability level with flexible navigation level and try to avoid horizontal scrolling pattern.

Our expert designers design websites in a way that whatever devices they are accessed upon, they deliver simple call to action helpful for the users. Today’s web design trend is ruled with greater prevalence of touch-screen friendly components. Keeping this in mind, we develop flexible features into websites like different buttons for different screen sizes and avoiding table-forms and fluid width layouts.

Website designs created by us comprises of following benefits:


Responsive Web Design sites are flexible in which the content moves freely across all screen resolutions and all devices. Images and grids are fluid to allow the content to fit in the given space. Responsive web design’s flexibility helps in gaining similar results with website content on a device screen.

User Experience

Content being the most important part, it is all about the user experience that enables visitors to read the content on any website through the device they wish to access it anytime & anywhere. Thus, Responsive Web Design is about providing a better user experience regardless of whatever mode a user is using, a Smartphone, a tablet or a smart-TV. Responsive Web Design fulfil the needs of everyone who wish to use this website whether a professional, a student or a housewife. No scrolling or resizing is required to access website from their devices.

Cost Effectiveness

It is needless to say that having a single website for all types of platforms helps a business to save money as well as time. One website costs less than two, and therefore helps in greater savings. Sites designed solely to be used in mobile devices do not offer navigational options like traditional websites and require the user to focus on the maintenance of two separate web addresses. This is inconvenient for users and forces them to surf competition’s website.

SEO Benefits

Instead of building links leading to traffic to multiple sites, responsive Web Design helps in gathering all the SEO efforts on one website. Every link leads to the same page without any need for redirecting them to another site thus facilitating the user a better and time saving experience. Responsive design helps in increasing sales, generating more traffic, boosting customer engagement and helps the business gain a competitive edge.

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