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Email Marketing

Help your business grow successfully and prosperously

Webile Technologies e-mail marketing services is an easy and affordable way to send direct e-mails, special offers, monthly newsletters or invitations that help your business grow successfully and prosperously. We provide a comprehensive set of e-mail marketing tolls that include everything right from creating e-mails, sending e-mails, tracking e-mails and gaining profit from them. We built a fully-featured automated marketing software that help turn your potential buyers into loyal and regular customers.

We help our customers with the creation of professional mails through customizable templates wherein they can add text, images, colors, and social buttons to create effective emails. As an additional advantage we also provide responsive templates which are compatible to almost all types of devices and are mobile friendly. The templates automatically adapt to the users screen size.

We focus towards automating follow ups through:

  • Easily sending of a series of personalized e-mails to new leads.
  • Removal of invalid email addresses from the lists with the help of automated bounce processing
  • Automatic conversion of leads into opportunities when a lead opens the email.
  • Helps in tracking the feedback through surveys which can later be linked to the e-mail campaigns.
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