QA And Testing

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With an aim to bring perfection in every project, we at Webile Technologies offer Quality Assurance (QA) services to ensure best quality into our executions. We offer various types of quality assurance testing for software, websites and mobile software development. To assure quality under different parameters, we ensure that every development service of ours passes through a strict quality check for which we perform:

User Interface Testing

To ensure that the created interface is meeting requirements of the users and other elements of product we conduct a user interface testing. This testing is aimed to introduce the product to the users in a clear manner to assure they suit their specifications.

Functional Testing

To ensure that the services meet the desired specifications and requirements described in the development documentation, a functional testing is conducted. This helps in judging if the product or service is developed according to the expectations.

Automated Testing

It is a process which is conducted using a technical program rather than human intervention. This type of testing helps in accelerating the testing process increases the level of efficiency and warns in case of any error.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility is the biggest issue in case of web development. To keep a check on the consistency of products with certain hardware and software, we conduct a compatibility testing under expert guidance.

Usability Testing

It is crucial to know how it feels to use the product which is only possible by conducting a usability testing to collect feedbacks from people using it. This helps in gaining client’s approval.