Yii Development

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Yii is a PHP based high performance framework which is mostly used in development of high-end modern web applications.

It ensures a raised usability level into web programming and gives pace to the whole development process. YII is considered as the most accurate responses to the queries and inquiries countered by its first-time users as YII stands for Yes it is!

To the following: Is it safe? Is it faster? Is it the best choice? And the answer is- Yes it is!

At Webile Technologies, our seasoned professionals consider YII as a generic programming framework with the help of which we can develop high-traffic portals, forums, CMSs, e-commerce systems as it weighs less and is highly equipped with caching mechanisms.

Why Yii is a best choice can be justified with the following reasons:

Yii believes in making the coding simpler, elegant and easier to implement discarding the common guidelines followed by other frameworks, thus emerging as a unique platform.

Yii is known as a full-stack framework with lots of features like- query builder, active record, multi-tier caching support etc.

Yii is highly expandable as the core codes can be easily replaced or customized which is possible through its extension offering architecture.

Like other PHP frameworks, Yii also is based on MVC platform and promotes easy code organization.

Yii streamlines the application development process and promises an efficient, extensible, and maintainable final product.

Our expert team has a vast experience with web applications development through Yii. Our team keeps a regular check on the best practices and features associated to such interactive frameworks.