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In a highly competitive market, forged ahead with evolving technologies and advancements every enterprise needs a web development system like-Magento. Magento is also an open source content management system especially developed for e-commerce websites which employs PHP programming language inclusive of some elements of Zend framework.

Backed with ecommerce store development, extensions development, theme customization and maintenance services through Magento, Webile Technologies can give large business verticals, scalable heights. Our elevated levels of efforts in the field of developing an extensible magento platform for online presence of clients help grow their business unimaginably.

We offer agile solutions with due space to customize capabilities so that you could think more on expansion, in tune with the current business trends. Whenever there is a rise in the framework performance which offers a rigid structure to your growing business, you can upgrade to the solutions to establish yourselves as the market leader. Incorporating innovation latest Magento development solutions, we try enhancing the possibilities of constant evolvement.

Having established ourselves reputed Magento developers; we specialize in developing almost all types of Magento development services that cater to the needs of our potential clients. A wide span of services offered by us has gained us wider reach to the better clientele. Our diligently trained team of Magento developers have years of expertise in the realm of Magento website development. Their confidence in the development domain has gained us higher levels of customer satisfaction.

We At Webile Technologies try to bring out maximum advantage out of Magento development as it has exclusive features like:

Search engine Optimization: Magento includes a wide variety of features required for search engine optimization. SEO-friendly URLs, customized data of products and auto generated sitemaps helps you through-out. Enhance efficiency of business, by utilizing top notch SEO features from Magento can be done in a trice.

Better control and flexibility: Along with SEO specialties, Magento provides various features to improve any part of a website. Right from front and back-end customizations to real time inventory management and development modules, you can easily manage the crucial features to establish better flexibility and exercise a good control.

Enhanced analytics and reporting: Magento provides various tools for improved Analytics and reporting. To achieve business excellence, Magento plays a major role by assessing statistics, making sales reports and all other business related tasks.

Extra-ordinary features: The product and category management features from Magento keep a track of all available products and maintains stock control for a simple or complex website.

At Webile Technologies, Magento is our main focus and we are extremely proud at initiating the development of quality oriented Magento websites and extensions which benefit our customers.

Magento Design

Magento Responsive Theme Design and PSD to HTML

We are providing service for create new magento theme from PSD if you have, otherwise we will create PSD for you and after your approval we will create magento responsive theme, supporting HTML W3C School verified. We are able to do create custome theme development / intigration in magento website.
We at Webile technologies make sure that the converted PSD to HTML project is logical, strategic, responsive and compliant to the standards.

Magento Enterprise version Project Development

We at Webile technologies make sure that the converted PSD to HTML project is logical, strategic, responsive and compliant to the standards. We believe that every customer deserves the best PSD to HTML code conversion to fulfil his goal.

Magento Extension Development and Customization

Magento support extension to make a better website with great functionality. We are providing service kind of create new custom extension which support magento core feature override and get behaviors as per requirement. In Market already a lot company provide / sale extensions. You have already extension purchased and you want any kind of customization than we are able to provide this service and make your extension customization according your requirement.

Magento version Upgrade and Troubleshooting Services

We are providing service for upgrade magento 1.x.x for 2.0 version. We are able to provide suggetion to you if you have some extension need to upgrade or competible with new version or not. So you can judge on which magento version you can migrate your websites.
You have magento website and you are able to fetch any Issue / Bug than we are able to fix it and if Issue is strenge and you don’t know how to reproduce it than we can do debugging for you and make this resolve for you.

Magento SEO

Magento Store Development SEO Specific Layout/Content

Boosting the online visibility and dragging a good traffic to your website is the end-objective of a company engaged into providing beneficial search engine optimization services. After putting a lot of efforts into design and development of a fully functional attractive website, it becomes necessary to make it visible and noticeable on the web sphere.

Magento Website Search Engine Optimization for Online Store

search engine optimization is all about the process of bettering the visibility of a website on organic search engine result pages (SERPs) with the help of successful assertion of search engine friendly elements into the website contents. In order to execute a successful search engine optimization process, it is required to carefully select the relevant, keywords for on-page optimization. On-page, and off-page optimization are two important branches of search engine optimization.

Magento Marketplace

Magento Marketplace Integration for Multi-Vendors Functionality

Magento support Marketplace extensions to get solution for Multi-Vendor functinality. This is realy great solution for each vendor to mantain there own store, products, orders, shipping and payment methods.

Magento Enterprise Development for B2B Solutions

Magento provide enterprise solution with magento license version and support your ecommerce store. So you can manage more than one reseller on your website to sell there individualy products.

Magento and odoo Real Time Products, Orders, Customers Sync

Magento have paid extension called “odoo Bridge connector”. This extension provide a solution for Products, orders, customers Sync BTW Erp and magento. You can easily push Products, orders, customers to your ERP for manage stock and other shipping / Payment related information.

Magento Bulk Product Imports with Magmi or Magento Data Profiles

Magento project have big chalange for import a lot bulk products on website. We are able to upload bulk products on website using magami tool and magento data profile. We are able to import products feed for autometic import in magento. So product stock get manage easily by admin for magento websites.

Magento Speed Optimization

Magento server configure with cache setting to optimize website

Magento website need good server with great responce of each requset. So we must need to setup server with correct configretion of (Mame/varnish) cache create of webpage to load faster on website. We need to save page cache with Gzip format on server to load faster.

Frontend optimization for load webpage faster

Webile provideing service to make webpagee speed light weight on website. We are using cache extension, server configration optimization, improve server responce time for each requests, optimize images, minify JS/CSS etc. We are testing speed of webpage on GTMetric, Google Page Speed Insight and Pingdom tool.

Magento API Intigration

Magento Product, Orders and Customers API Development

we offer easy API Integration services to integrate your data with third party applications. A third party API integration interface is a document which is useful to programmers to integrate given software with a custom application. Our experienced team of API integration has the capability to integrate a custom software application which is specialized and customized to your needs.

Magento SOAP / Mobile / REST API Development and Intigration

Magento provide Soap APIs for Products, Orders and Customers. We are able to overeide those APIs for any custome functinality like configrable products imports, additional attributes create and update. We are providing service for Mobile API development for Magento products, orders and customers Sync.

Magento Payment Gateway

Magento Payment Gateway Integration

Magento provide Paypal Pro, express and standard, Ahtorize .net solutions. If you want any new payment gateway we are able to install that extension for get new Payment Gateway on website. We are able to cretae new payment gateway for provide better solution if extension on avaialbe in magento extension market.

Magento Shipping Methods Integration

We are able to configure diffrent shipping methods like DHL, Bluedart, USPS, UPS, Free Shipping, Table rate (Weight vs Price) etc on your online store with magento. We are creating custom shipping methos based on API using for Shipper provided for tranaaction.

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